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Nicole & Flavio

Sarah was my lovely angel who helped to organize a wedding from the other side of Atlantic Sea. Getting married in Berlin, for us who live in Brazil, was a challenge, but she made it easier. Everything was perfect and she worked to guarantee my satisfaction and my guest's happiness. She is so professional and kind!!! I am very glad I found her!!!

Julia & Lars

Sarah not only planned our wedding but also served as the master of ceremonies on our special day. The wedding was beautiful and perfectly organized; the vendors she chose were magnificent. Each one of our guests was thrilled at how stunning the wedding was and how smoothly it expired. Sarah was always there when we needed her but otherwise stayed discretely in the background. Putting your wedding planning into the capable hands of Sarah is the right thing to do if you want to be sure that your wedding day will be a complete success. She will realize your ideas to a tee. Once again, Sarah, thank you so much for everything!

Nadine & Matthias

In a nutshell, the decision to hire a wedding planner – in our case Sarah – was the perfect thing to do. Of course, when planning a wedding budget you naturally weigh whether or not spending the extra money for a wedding planner is really necessary. Looking back, it’s clear that the tips we got in terms of the reception venue, florists, wedding outfitters, photographers, hair stylists, the registry office, DJ, décor etc were invaluable in saving us a lot of time and effort. On many occasions, we didn’t even have to vet a second vendor as the first one recommended already met all our expectations. But it wasn’t just the information Sarah provided that was well worth the money spent. She also supported our planning and directed our attention to details that we would have overlooked otherwise. This circumstance ensured that we could look forward to a stress-free special day. Generally the bride and groom have never experienced an own wedding before. Taking advantage of Sarah’s knowledge and experience was thus invaluable. And then the day of days finally arrived. At the latest at this point, we knew for sure that booking Sarah’s services was right on the mark. With dedicated attention, she dealt with even the smallest details. The delivery of floral arrangements, the wedding cake, instructing vendors, ensuring that the decor was in place, assisting guests, repairing the wedding dress on the quick etc etc etc. She managed absolutely everything and we didn’t have to worry about the schedule of events. It turned out to be an unbelievable celebration that all our guests raved about – a truly unforgettable event. We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to you, dear Sarah. Nadine & Matthias

Anna & Ralf

Thanks a million, Sarah, for all your wonderful work!!!!! We had so much fun with you (and hope that you had an enjoyable time as well). Just as you promised – it was indeed a dream wedding! Thank you! ♥

Josephine & Maik

Dear Sarah, I urgently recommend anyone wanting to get married to book your wedding planning services. Even in my wildest dreams, I couldn’t have fathomed just how much stress you would save us. What a relief it was to have access to someone who knows exactly what to do… you did a great job and we wish you continued success in the future. Thank you for being there at our wedding! Warmly, Josephine & Maik.

Linn & Tim

Sarah won us over right from the start. With Sarah, we had a wedding industry insider at our side with plenty of ideas and great contacts. And yet, she guided us without pushing her own tastes upon us. The wedding planning was thus very pleasant! We knew that nothing had been forgotten and that an eye was also being kept on the budget. Her flawless performance as the master of ceremonies made our special day run without a hitch. We highly recommend her. Once again, Sarah, thank you for everything!! & all the best to you for all the future weddings you will be planning. Linn & Tim

Katja & Sergej

Although we weren’t under any time pressure, we are very happy to have hired Sarah as our wedding planner. She had so many wonderful ideas that would never have occurred to us and which made our wedding very special. She saved us many hours of research since she had already vetted the best contacts to address our wedding needs. We thus experienced a very beautiful wedding ceremony, a great singer, a terrific photographer, an amazing reception venue and an awesome DJ! During the entire preparation period, she kept the theme on track. As the bride to be, this unburdened me of a lot of stress and allowed me to really look forward to my wedding. Dear Sarah, while we spent months dreaming, you were planning everything so magnificently. Thank you for your incredible support. For us it was a dream wedding and our guests were equally delighted. I want to share with you a quote from my aunt: “Weddings like this are something I’ve only ever seen on TV, and now I’ve been part of one!” We wish you all the best and I’d like you to know that I consider all the other couples who book you as their wedding planner to be very lucky indeed.

Andrea Sawatzki & Christian Berkel

Charlotte & Richard

Dear Sarah, we have returned from our honeymoon and look back at a dream wedding. The beautiful memories of this day warm our hearts… Simply EVERYTHING was PERFECT and we have YOU to thank for all of it!!! Your work and your efforts mean so incredibly much to us! We are unbelievably happy to have had you at our side!! We hope that you also enjoyed our big day! 🙂

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